I do not know which path leads us God-ward, Up-ward, In-ward. Some claim its only their religion and no other…Some claim only religion is not enough, but its religion coupled with extreme orthodox ism with no deviation what so ever is the only way…. Some claim its only through their Guru’s and no one else. Some claim its through the path of intellectual churning.

I do not know where these paths lead to. Do they lead to any destination at all?Is it a case of dangling a carrot for the intellectual mind. The reward is in sight, keep plodding, ploughing,degrees are conferred along the way,but does one ever realize that the dangling of carrot was only a made up image, a mirage,a beautiful description of the most luscious carrot that can ever be,  a shadow,the end of the rainbow. Did one miss the journey along the path, did one miss the experiences along the path, did one miss the moment in each moment, did one miss a journey called Life?Did one miss God along the path?