It is essential for the human breed to query, introspect and if need be, discard the dictum’s that are passed onto generations under the garb of religious or societal wisdom.These rules, societal or religious tend to create a divide into an otherwise wholesome individual. The innocence, the wholeness, the tenderness which each individual is born with, is manipulated by society and religion to impede and suppress it with rules and induced guilt.

Each individual’s will that walks this earth is  fiercely independent and does not like it to be tampered with.But this is what Society exactly does to each and every individual.. and mostly we are either too young or too helpless to even realize this at any point of time in Life..Society does not have time for individuals, but only has time for numbers..i.e. Leverage and Manipulate Control through a Generic rule set applied across the masses.Individuality be damned.

This is one of the prime reasons that each individual carries within him either knowingly or unknowingly, either consciously or unconsciously… undercurrents of tension and resentment within him..

Society further segregates the values of feelings and emotions through the bipolar lens of logic..where an intrinsic blend of a single entity, a single emotion ends up becoming 2 distinct disparate entities.

For ex, a single and inseparable emotion of Love-Hate becomes Love Vs Hate..

At the level of relations, You and Me becomes You Versus Me.

At the level of Sciences, Science and Religion becomes Science Versus Religion

Man is a blend…of myriad colors is each, of myriad potentials is each..Colors once mixed cannot be segregated, separated..

Grey is a blend of Black and White and that is what Man intrinsically possesses.. is blessed with.. But Society has us believe that its Black Vs White..

It is important for humans to realize that the qualities of good and bad, love and anger, love and hate, anger and compassion,the lower and higher are all qualities that existence has blessed each individual with. To quote Osho, they are two sides of the same coin.

Society and humanity  through time has very crassly classified clear demarcs between what is acceptable and what is not. Being cool is accepted, being angry is bad, feeling love is accepted, feeling jealous is bad…The paradigm to be understood is that, these feelings, these flavors are two ends of the same wavelength and the human mind simply keeps oscillating between these 2 extremes. The human mind needs a simple bifurcation between black and white, all things are processed as binary… However existentially things are intrinsically Grey..

They exist as a single entity, a single unity, a blend.

Existentially, there is nothing bad, there is nothing good,it is simply that they energies…absolutely neutral.. We co-relate to these energies with either a positive or negative feeling/intent..We reach out to these energies with our intent..

Fire, for example…is neutral… An individual may use it to cook a meal or set fire to a home.. Its our intent, our correlation that matters…

The individual has to accept this apparent contradictory and Grey truth in its wholeness… with no fragments. Just accept. These feelings are genuine feelings, existence has naturally blessed each individual with. It is not to be fought against, but just to be accepted.In “Acceptance” is the greatest strength… is simplicity..