It is said that pics convey much more with ease and simplicity, than what language can..

Is there a goal to life ? a destination to be reached? or simply a journey to be walked?

What better way than to illustrate this through Rabbits for a change rather than delve into mystic mumbo jumbo…

If the rabbit is moulded and disciplined into thinking that life consists of chomping on the carrots, he is conditioned (as most of humanity already are with either religious or political dogmas)…he may walk a beautiful path, but then the idea implanted that life consists of nibbling the carrots makes him run helter skelter and scamper restlessly through the path desperately seeking the life fulfilling carrots….



Is there any certainty that the rabbit may indeed reach the carrots as preached or may simply conk off in the midst of the search..

Now a non- indoctrinated rabbit may simply walk the path and enjoy the beauty of the lakes and fields and soak in the lush greens.. For such a rabbit, there is no goal, no object to be achieved.. yet he has something more complete and fulfilling  than the carrot indoctrinated rabbit.. What is that??

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