Life – It’s a dark room, at least with respect to death.. The only certainty in life is death… nothing else in life is an absolute certainty….

It’s a dark room… with a snake in it.. When it strikes, the individual dies…That much is certain with birth.. Now how soon would the snake strike is anybody’s guess or boils down to the individuals luck…

But do we stop living.. crippled by this existential fear and fact of life.. is the question that needs to be pondered upon…

Or having accepted this, we start living..

Fear Cripples, Acceptance Releases..After all the snake in the pic is not that scary… it’s seen smiling…it may be benign after-all 😉

The same energy is transformed.. from one that weighs us down to one that lifts us..releases us ..

How much of a spark or a flame can we generate… to dispel the darkness one is born in, is perhaps Human Potential on the spiritual plane…If generated and sustained… then through this flame…can death be seen as well or does any other realization dawn??