Pondering on a hypothetical possibility….

Tomorrow science has a breakthrough…they are able to, through genetic modification/manipulation make an individual forget his “hunger pangs” completely…

Say for ex,.. Man can simply survive by breathing… There is no need to consume any food.

Individual or Individuals across the globe would no longer remain hungry..

Today….Most of the individuals clubbed under humanity… are primarily engaged in some form of occupation (self employed or employed) primarily….essentially… to ward off the pangs of hunger…and are normally too pre-occupied in this routine…

Currently one may not have the time to ponder… but with hunger no longer there… what would be the change one can expect??

What would be the net outcome??

Would there be any visible change in maturity… the way the world would conduct itself?

Would an individual be more creative? more relaxed? happier?

or would an individual simply become more restless? as now there is no binding compulsion on any individual to slog and sustain…he has time at his disposal…a lot of time to kill…time is no longer a premium….

Your ponderings…your feedback is welcome 🙂