Know yourself, Know God

Know yourself, Know Bliss

Know Yourself, Know all

No yourself, No God

No yourself, Know Devil

No yourself, Know Doubt

No Yourself, Know Decimals, Know Fractions

No Yourself, Know Conditions, Know Pain

No Yourself, Know Disappointments,Disillusions,and Disorientation

No Yourself, Know Restlessness, Know Vibrations

Luckily you have experienced the “No”…The Journey is half complete…

Realize this pattern… and move… from “No”to “Know

Realizing this pattern… is a journey in a new direction.. a new dimension…

Realizing this pattern… is a start..from revolving to evolving…

Life is a journey which can take you inward… Godward…

Know more and more of yourself, God happens of its own accord.