Man- A confused bundle of energies is he.. With his profound understanding of science and the “other”…but ignorant of the potential that he is….

Yet when it comes to himself, he is a “?”…So here goes…..

He has exploited most of nature… and his very own…

Yet his own nature remains unknown…

The potential spurt suppressed

The latent burst repressed

He is thus is depressed…

He will talk to the medical wise…

Listens to the religious unwise…

To Desperately try and rise

And pray that life

hands him a better dice..

Yet does he seldom realize

That silence is the key…

A catalyst is what he can possibly be…

His potential is a block of ice

Dissolved its very nice

Adding flavour to the tea..

His potential is that of musk

Which he carries from dawn to dusk

Sharing the fragrance is paradise

For mankind, its indeed nice…

His potential is of sight..

Gazing into it is pure delight…

To illumine a flight

Into the dark and mystic nights..

His potential is to listen

To many a fear that may have risen

From many a realm deep within

And let them gently

transform into a nice rhythm

His potential is a presence

This Life is of essence

To a sense of what he can experience

Once experienced…

He has risen not, but fallen



Into Oceans of  Silence…

Into Oceans of Bliss