Am not much a person of societal science….It never interested me right from my schooling days…

For I would wonder that if an apple fell on Newton’s head…..of what color,shine and lusciousness  would the apple perhaps have been?? Why doesn’t history remember the apple with the same fondness it recalls the man and his  rather torturous equations that have been left behind for mankind to shoulder as his legacy….

Appleton Moment


Now…there also happens to be another case….where in the apple has not been totally squashed under the burden of the mighty “Newtonian” equations…. Rather it happens to share the spotlight in equal measure with the other participants in the fray….

The apple sharing center stage with Adam, Eve, The Serpent and the leaves




Well…as a person always interested in the “mystical science”….this far more ancient, yet contemporary pic (as compared to Newton’s) always spiked my interest… but then society and schools were always more comfortable to propagate folks in a fully clothed scenario… much to my dismay and dislike 😦

It’s like Society trying to coerce us to associate an “Apple” with Newton always….

But for the different and creatively  wired…..perhaps the “Apple” can perhaps be associated with someone more appealing… a doctor perhaps? 😉


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