The Gods love gold… They are perhaps infatuated by Gold…They literally go bonkers on the glaring lure of the yellow metal….and other precious metals..


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I often wonder in which individual’s ear may he have whispered his lust for Gold…or in how many individual ears may he have whispered his infatuation with the yellow metal…for this secret to be adopted globally…



Does it also convey a rich mans poor offering ? Or is it a poor mans rich offering?

Or is it a group psychology…an insecure herd psychology …  Everyone’s dumping Gold on God and earning recognition… so let me too…lest his scornful eye befell me….

It may either be an offering to get a job done…. or it may be an acknowledgement of getting a job done…

Is it a case of seeing God in Stone and not recognising God in Human Beings??

I ponder !!!