“Utility” gone wrong  transforms into “Futility”…

“Light” at the end of a tunnel  manifests into a “Flight”…

The Bite of an “Eel” can cause one to “Feel”

A mighty “lake” turns into a tiny “flake”

“Ail” before the exams results in “Fail” post the exams

Mighty as it can cause “All” to “Fall”

A melody of a “lute” is blown into a “Flute”

A whiff of air…and one is “Fair”

Secluded in a “lair”… to develop a “Flair”

It adds character and strength to the word it joins….

It brings misfortune to the word it Displaces….

For ex…

Luck gone wrong screws up as *-uck…

and *-uck gone terribly wrong manifests as a “New-born”

After all “liFe” without the “F” is one big “lie”

Have a great “liFe” 😉

And remember…always pray to be on the right side of “F”