Thanks to Radhika again… for nominating me to receive my 2nd Award…the 1st being the BRA award ;-). Read more about my 1st BRA here

Now I have been nominated for BC-BSA …Sorry.. my creativity fails me to come out with something as corny as my previous nomination… Age catching up between now and then…

So lemme get directly to the questions popped..Something which I was always allergic to…after dust….right through my student days… The teachers simply failed to understand that their scribbles on the black board always failed to inspire an answer out of me 🙂

Now then coming back to the questions….and luckily there being no “answer-band” or “answer-zone”….here they come


  • If your entire life was made into a movie, what would its genre and title be? Why?
  • “The man who was never understood”…would be the title…I haven’t understood myself completely till date…so how can others?
  • Genre – Humorous Inquiry… if there exists a Genre like that. If no, I can be credited with creating a new genre…
  • When was the last time you did something for the first time?
  • This is more like an exam question…. and no answer is flowing into the empty space between my ears… So let me attempt my schooling days answer
  • I did something like the last time which was also the first time on 31/7/2016….(question only asks when;-))…
  • If somebody gifted you enough money to last a lifetime, how would you spend your time? (Now that you no longer need to work)
  • Going deeper into my “psycho-“logy….

Now let me float my 3 questions …finally getting a chance to sit on the right side of the table..

  • If hunger were to be totally eliminated by science …if man were to forget totally that something like hunger ever existed….. would the world be a better place??
  • Your mind has been put into a glass bottle and sealed not with a plastic cap…but an impenetrable and non-twistable metal cap… How would you release your mind without breaking the glass bottle?
  • Why doesn’t February have 30 days?

I would nominate …not a few… but all readers of WordPress  who stumble upon this blog…to share their experiences on these set of queries …either through words or photographs or as their creativity decides….Cheers to the Black Sea… Blue Cat Award :)…

Each one of you is a winner in your own right…Life in itself is the Award…Cheers